Previous Experience

Scrum Master & Agile Coach 

News Corp. July 2017 - January 2018

Scrum Master and Agile Project Management  for News Corp, supporting a Software Engineering team developing and maintaining multiple platform level technical systems.

This work included:
- Integration of a third party SSO system into existing technologies
- Re-imagining the team structure and working methods to improve their efficiency and morale

Agile Product Owner, Technical Program Director & Consultant

Oliver  Agency.  October 2016 - February 2017

OLIVER asked me to re-imagine and re-invent the processes, technology, interfaces and tools that sit between them and the 4,000 Starbucks stores that they support across the UK and EU.

The project involved:
 - Leading a project to redevelop the tool-set that all EU and UK Starbucks stores use to order their in-store materials
- Re-pitching the account (Which we won)
- Developing process models, requirements and stories to illustrate the desired system
- Working with split business teams, multiple clients and a specialist third party to implement the new system
- Implement a project structure and team  to deliver on the requirements
- Assist the team to be more Agile

Agile Product Owner, Technical Program Director & Consultant

Dare.  October 2016 - February 2017


As per the OLIVER description above.

The consultation and leadership I offered was split across the OLIVER and Dare business divisions owned by OLIVER group.

Senior Project Manager - Amaze.  August 2016 - October 2016

Amaze are a full service digital agency working with the likes of Save the Children, Co-Op, Lexus and Toyota.

Amaze asked me to:
- Deliver a complete site redesign and re-platform for United Utilities Water
- Manage a program of work for Unilever (6 - 9 concurrent projects)

These projects saw me managing:
- Complex and competing requirements
- A geographically and internationally separated team
- Resource management and balancing across ring-fenced and pooled teams
- Multiple projects at the same time

Senior Agile Project Manager & Scrum Master

Brilliant Basics - May 2016 - August 2016

Brilliant Basics is a digital products and services development company, with a strong focus on UX, User Centred Design and Mobile App development

I delivered the Agile Project Management of:
- A research and connecting project for McDonald's
- Development of an international mobile app (iOS and Android) using a complex back-end system (Symphony, PHP and Amazon Elastic hosting) connected to a SalesForce CRM system

Scrum Master, Agile Program Manager & Consultant Project Manager

Havas.  February 2016 - May 2016

Havas is an international Digital Creative & Communication agency who were managing and delivering an international philanthropic competition for Chivas called 'The Venture'.  This competition saw 32 businesses, with a focus on social and community development, from across the world compete for a share in $1 million dollars.

Havas managed the entire campaign, inclusive of digital, social, marketing, PR, film and events.....and I was called in to: 
- Deliver the 2015 digital site delivery
- Transform the Chivas digital delivery team into an Agile delivery team
- Oversee all digital deliveries for 2016 (Website, social, marketing and omni channel digital campaigns)
- Deliver a website in 9 different languages, using content from 32 different countries
- Manage a team of 3 Project Managers
- Support the development of the 2017 program of work

Whilst there I was also engaged in:
 - Program management
 - Project oversight
 - Agile transformation
 - Agile coaching
 - Team training & coaching
 - Agile training
 - Project consultation
 - Project 

Scrum Master & Agile Project Director

Head London.  October 2014 - January 2015

Key focus:
 - Agile Project Management
 - Agile Project Direction
 - Agile training
 - Agile coaching

Head build and develop user centric digital and mobile products for their clients, using 100% Agile methods and tools    

Head asked me to build a digital product for a the large provider of risk data that was deigned to provide multi-national company executives with easily consumed risk data and reports.  This product is intended to have a multi-year lifespan and be grown to accommodate functionality previously found in Polecat’s highly complex ‘brain’.  Given the duration and ‘product’ nature of this project we adopted an Agile, mobile-first approach.

Whilst with Head I also :
- Developed the first “Device and app based insight platform” (Big data system) for D3 London
- Delivered a disruptive beverage purchase solution for AB InBev, inclusive of multi-channel purchase and tracking tool
- Created a digital AD/HD clinical assessment product for Pearson Clinical, in support of their ‘digital first’ ambition
- Built a digital Dementia assessment product for Pearson Clinical, in support of their ‘digital first’ ambition
- Oversaw and line managed 2 Project Managers
- Provided close support and cover for the Head of Project Management during their absence
- Developed & delivered the Agile and Product Owner training propositions that Head used internally and delivered to their client.

Scrum Master & Senior Agile Project Manager

Square Enix. May 2014 - October 2014


Key focus
 - Agile transformation
 - Agile project management

Square Enix is a video game developer and publisher, who create and maintain their own digital space

Square Enix asked me to join their digital team to guide and direct them through a period of Agile Transformation. They also asked me to deliver a multi-release digital product to support players of their up-coming release ‘Triad Wars’.  This product combined community, information, direct game interaction, purchasing and legacy system integration; all packaged up in an innovative web interface.  This role also required me to develop Square Enix’s Agile capabilities, train the Product Owners, support the dev team and manage internal clients that were Agile and internal team sceptics.

Whilst at Square Enix I also:
- ‘Pioneered’ the use of Agile boards (Which was a new idea to them)
- Managed product development across 15 developers, dev ops, multiple producers and international marketing teams
- Delivered community sites to support Square Enix only other release in 2014 (Nosgoth)
- Managed clients that defined and dictated their own solution and timelines

Scrum Master & Freelance Senior Agile Project Manager

Head London.  April 2013 - March 2014

Key focus
 - Agile project management
 - Agile process developement

Management of various UX led development projects using Agile SCRUM methodology:
- 1 x NHS prototype for nhs.uk, circa £400k, internal team of 9, plus client steering committee of 12 and various third party company's / agencies
- Tesco ClubCard, 3 projects circa £200k - £500k each, internal team of 6, plus client steering committee of 9
- 1x heath company, circa £150k, internal team of 5, plus clients in UK and US

Scrum Master & Freelance Senior Agile Project Manager

Living group. January 2013 - April 2013

Key focus:
 - Agile transformation
 - Agile project management

Living Group asked me to join them to oversee all of their Digital Projects.  

They also asked me to 'Improve their Digital Delivery'.  

In order to do this I:
 - Introduced a new resource management model
 - Improved all documentation; inclusive of specifications, SoWs and CR's
 - Introduced better digital planning, estimation and management processes
 - Introduced project financial prediction tools
 - Improved financial accountability
 - Introduced an Agile approach for larger projects
 - Standardised the browser delivery matrix
 - Leveled out resourcing and project requirement profiles; thus reducing the requirement for overtime
 - Provided support for the AM team

Scrum Master & Freelance Senior Project Manager

Glue Isobar. August 2012 - January 2013

Key focus:
 - Agile Project Management

I was engaged to delivered a 750k (Euros) campaign for Pringles. This campaign presented a competition that ran across 12 markets, with 7 different languages and was made available on Facebook.com, Pringles.com and Mobile. The campaign was a highly graphical, interactive competition which saw users given daily chances to win upto 6 (of 100,000) prizes....anyone who didn't win was presented with an online game instead.

As the lead PM I oversaw the contributions of 6 different agencies, an internal team of 12 and an off shore development team...this project also had three stakeholders with different business interests.



Other Projects  from 2000 - 2012 Include:

Sapient Nitro  Profero  Fortune Cookie  SAS Design  RazorFish  AKQA  

Barkers  Grand Union  Agency Repulic  Agency.com  XM London