Current Work Position

Agile Coach & Scrum Master  - Shell

January 2018 - present


Agile Coach & Scrum Master for several Deep Learning / Machine Learning / Artificial Intelligence, Research, Development and Innovation teams. Working with Data Scientists and Data Engineers.

* Coaching teams to develop bleeding edge technologies (using Working with Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision) to assist Shell with current and new energies.
* Building & developing Agile teams operating at scale (ie. multiple agile teams working on the same product)
* Supporting the teams in their Agile Maturity journey
* Leading facilitation best practice
* Support strategic approaches to Agile Maturity, Innovation and Innovation Accounting

Winner of the Department Audacity Award for guiding and supporting my team to identify that the Use Cases they were working would not generate enough Value, and guiding the team to Pivot to new Use Cases.

Winner of Special Recognition Award for Agile Coaching on a complex project

Projects Featured at / in:
- Microsoft Ignite 2018
- Wall Street Journal, Sept 2018
- Forbes, Feb 2019 

- Agile for AI teams
- Agile training
- Agile Strategy
- Agile Transformation
- Scrum at Scale
- DevOps for AI teams
- Innovation accounting
- Training & workshops delivered for:
-- Innovation (Lean startup, Design thinking, Solution Thinking, Lean Canvas)
-- Interteam product development ideation
-- Intra third party discussion and agreement