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"All teams can be high performing, joy filled, beacons of light; capable of achieving the near-impossible"

Chris Wolff

Agile guide & consultant
Coach & Mentor
Scrum Master
Pubic Speaker



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Chris Wolff

Chris Wolff is an Agile Practitioner with over 20 years of experience operating in a variety of business environments.


Chris is passionate about coaching and mentoring teams towards higher levels of performance.  He achieves this through the implementation of Agile Ways of Working; specifically Scum, Kanban or Scaled Scrum frameworks,  fresh training sessions, or perhaps diving deeper into skills and behaviours.  Chris will also coach and mentor individuals from with in the teams he is working with.

Chris initially trained as a software engineer and then worked as a Technical Project Manager, before embracing Agility.  This gave him a great foundation in the core technologies and capabilities that most software teams use; which makes him ideally suited to the role of Scrum Master for software delivery teams.

Chris has also supported several organisations as they make their Agile Transformation.  In doing so, he as supported, coached & mentored Teams, Squads, Managers, Leaders & Leadership Teams.

Chris is frequently described as bright, happy, cheery,  caring, agnostically agile, deeply thoughtful, highly capable and very knowledgeable.

If you or your organisation want to become more Agile, or are finding Agile difficult to achiever, or perhaps Agile isn't really giving you what you expect....then drop Chris a line; he's always happy to have an informal chat.



Agile Guide

As an Agile Guide and Consultant Chris can help you and your business adopt, adapt or improve any aspect of you Agile journey.

With over 10 years of experience to share, Chris can guide your Agile Transformation, reinvigorate your current approach, or help Leaders or Teams to 'be more Agile'.

Chris can also provide assistance if you are not seeing the outcome you expected Agile to give you.

Chris has direct experience of Transformation, Scaled Agile, Tribes / programs of work, & Manager / Leader support

Agile COACH& Mentor

As a Coach & Mentor Chris can help Leaders, Managers, Teams, Scrum Masters & Product Owners by providing a safe and confidential space to engage in a thought provoking and creative process that looks at the challenges they are facing in their business and (if needs be) personal life; with a view of finding creative, inspiring and impactful ways in which they can maximise their personal and professional potential.

As a Mentor Chris will work in partnership with the person to help them solve the business and Agile challenges they face, by offering potential options, inspiration, guidance an support based on his years of experience.

Scrum Master

Chris has been working as a hands on Scrum Master for almost 10 years; supporting a great many teams, businesses and projects.

Chris has worked on projects as diverse as Machine Learning (Artificial Intelligence), Software as a Service, Mobile applications, commercial, marketing, Chat bots, Film, Print, Web and much more

Chris has supported individual teams, groups of teams, Tribes, Programs of work and Scaled Agile implementations.





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Chris can often be found speaking about Agile subjects and Agility in Data Science

He has had the honour of being invited to speak at these great events:



Agile Team Facilitator


Agile Team Coach


Expert Agile Coach

(In training)


Chris' projects have been published in the Wall Street Journal, Forbes & Microsoft Ignite 2020 event.

Chris' thoughts and curated content can also be seen on LinkedIn:


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