Chris Wolff is an Agile Coach, Scrum Master & Agile Consultant, working in Kent, Sussex and London with over 20 years experience

He passionately works with you and your teams to demystify Agile practices, improve your team's Agility, build efficiency and increase effectiveness

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Chris is interested in working on projects involving:
 - Social Responsibility
 - Changing our world for the better
 - Agile Transformation
 - Disruptive technology
 - Emergent / future technology
 - Artificial Intelligence
 - Machine Learning 
 - Data Science 

Chris' business interests are:
 - Working with good people on        exciting projects
 - Product Ownership
 - Digital products and services
 - Agile transformation / adoption /     training
 - Project rescue
 - Team / individual coaching
 - Digital transformation / Digital first

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